Thursday, January 2, 2014

Fuhrman's meal plan with more raw foods options

We love Dr Fuhrman's menu plan. The recipes taste really good, they are healthy, and are nutrient dense. It is a wonderful place to start changing one's diet. Most people are interested in achieving better health and Dr. Fuhrman's menu plan DOES that. He also recommends raw fruits and vegetables at each meal.

Several people we know have asked for a more raw diet menu. Our goal in the winter is to be at least 51% raw with each meal. Some of our meals are 100% raw. REMEMBER THIS IS NOT EVERYONE'S GOAL!!!
Dr Fuhrman's breakfasts, soups, salad dressings, main dishes, desserts recipes are amazing!!! We are not 100% raw, and we plan to follow the menu plan with a few substitutions.

For those interested in more raw options here are some of our substitutions.

Our bread, tortilla, or wrap substitute will be raw onion bread. The recipe can be found at

In place of cooked oatmeal or quinoa, we will be using a nut based raw granola from or a sprouted buckwheat  granola from
Dr Fuhrman's breakfast recipes are wonderful!!!
or just having smoothies (1 part fruit, 1 part nut milk or water, 1 tablespoon flax or chia seed, 1 part leafy greens)

We will add sprouts to all of our salads for the nutrient content.

The lasagna day we will make the living lasagna from
Actually when i make this recipe i double it, making four small trays. I freeze three of them, so we have it handy.

For pasta, we will use spiralized zucchini (or use a julienne or potato peeler).

Our meatloaf will be raw mushroom loaf

Our burritos will be from

Our rice or quinoa will be shredded cauliflower adding desired spices and lemon juice. This is one of our favorites plus a little dill and turmeric

For the desserts, we will be using many of his recipes just not cooking them.

For those interested in more raw options, we pray this is helpful.

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