Friday, July 12, 2013

Raw Fajitas

For dinner tonight we made raw fajita's using this recipes.
I would make this recipe again. The flavor of the vegetables was amazing. I used coconut aminos instead of tamari due to soy allergies. The cheddar sauce was the best cheese-like sauce i have made. I chose to use a sour kream recipe from Ani's Raw Food Essentials (p.178) because it is so easy and very flavorful, plus i am not a huge coconut fan.
Our son ate it on the rice tortilla, finished it quickly and then ate half of mine on the lettuce wrap.
The leftover sour kream i froze in ice cube trays for future use. I did the same with the leftover cheddar.
The recipe is for 4-6 servings. For our son and i, it will be four.
soaking of the cashews for the sour kream and the cheddar sauce and the marinading vegetables

this is the fajita on a rice tortilla

this is on romaine leaves

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