Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday's menu

This is our Monday's Menu this week.

Breakfast:  I sprout the buckwheat for 2 days in the summer and 3 in the winter. Our neighbors have bees, so we use Dupree's Bees Honey instead of maple syrup. These recipes are where i begin, but i use whatever i have in the house combining these recipes.The two links are and
We make sunflower milk (soaked sunflowers, dates, and water) using our Blendtec to pour over the granola.

Lunch: We have soup and salad most days for lunch. Today we had The black Bean and Mango salad from Dr. Fuhrman. Here is a link for it We omitted the corn due to gastro issues with corn and added a few more frozen mango pieces to achieve the desired sweetness.

We also had soup and onion bread. The soup is from . We make a large batch and freeze it in individual servings. We do the same for the onion bread. The link is
Our son added hummus to his onion bread.

Dinner: We made raw fajitas from I made the raw cheese but not the sour cream from this recipe. For the sour cream I use a recipe from Ani's Essential Raw Book.
For my husband's, we added sliced chicken to the marinade and omitted the mushrooms.

For snacks our son ate a berry/spinach smoothie for his mid-morning snack. His afternoon snack was a mango/avocado "yogurt" and several peppermint raw bars for his evening snack.

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