Friday, June 21, 2013

chocolate chip cookies made from chickpeas

Here is a recipe where i used chickpeas instead of flour, butter, oil, and eggs
Here is the link to the recipe

Here is the nutritional information per cookie
Nutrition Facts
  16 Servings
Amount Per Serving
  Total Fat7.0 g
     Saturated Fat1.2 g
     Polyunsaturated Fat1.4 g
     Monounsaturated Fat3.8 g
  Cholesterol2.9 mg
  Sodium81.8 mg
  Potassium115.5 mg
  Total Carbohydrate17.5 g
     Dietary Fiber1.8 g
     Sugars4.7 g
  Protein2.6 g
  Vitamin A0.2 %
  Vitamin B-120.1 %
  Vitamin B-64.8 %
  Vitamin C1.3 %
  Vitamin D0.0 %
  Vitamin E7.9 %
  Calcium3.0 %
  Copper6.3 %
  Folate5.6 %
  Iron4.6 %
  Magnesium8.0 %
  Manganese17.6 %
  Niacin2.3 %
  Pantothenic Acid    1.0 %
  Phosphorus    6.6 %
  Riboflavin4.5 %
  Selenium1.7 %
  Thiamin2.2 %
  Zinc3.4 %

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

what if one could manage one's diabetes without medication?

I know several people with diabetes. I thought that once one had diabetes one had it for life UNTIL i was sent this video from Dr. Cousens. . Then I saw this article from Dr Fuhrman .
Why aren't patients told there are other options to medication? Are we truly a society of band-aids, using medication instead of the optimization our diet and our health?
I have friends who have tried this to some extent reducing their medications, but they haven't stayed with the dietary changes to come off of all medication.
If you do this, let me know to what degree you can reduce your medication.

Dr. Fuhrman has an article on the 6 worst foods for diabetics. The link for the article is

The foods are
  1. Added sugars
  2. Refined grains, including white rice and white flours
  3. Fried foods
  4. Trans fats including margarine, fast food, processed baked goods, shortening
  5. Red and processed meats
  6. more than 5 eggs per week
Dr. Fuhrman has an article on the 5 best foods for diabetics. The link for the article is

The foods are
  1. green vegetables
  2. non-starchy vegetables
  3. beans and lentils
  4. nuts and seeds
  5. low sugar fresh fruits

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

the sugar/simple carb and anger connection

A friend was telling me about his son's anger, then asking is there a carb and anger connection? I told him that there is a connection. I came home to "google" it for an article or two. There are too many articles to list. If one is wanting to read just one article I would recommend this one

Sugar/simple carbs are also linked to depression. Here is a link from Psychology Today

If one believes that he/she is having an issue with simple carbs and anger or depressions, remove the simple carbs  for 2 weeks and increase one's fiber intake. The fiber will make one feel full longer and keep one's blood sugar stable. Let me know how this works for you.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

lessons from a gastroenterologist

A friend went to see a local gastroenterologist this week for acid relux/GERD, weight gain, depression, and a sluggish thyroid. He asked her if she wanted to try relieving the symptoms by medication or diet. She is already on medication for her thyroid and depression.
He believes that a healthy digestive tract creates a healthy body.
The gastroenterologist explained to her how the digestive tract is a muscle that needs to be exercised. If one eats a diet low in fiber and high in refined foods and meats (the Standard American Diet -SAD), the food has little fiber if any. The intestines can't move the food so it sits waiting for the muscles to contract moving with fiber-based foods. He suggested that she add flax seeds to her diet for fiber, 1 tablespoon in the morning in a smoothie and the second on a salad.
As for smoothies he suggested 1 cup of fruit, 1 cup of leafy greens with water, coconut water, or nut milk. If one uses yogurt, make sure it has live cultures AND NO SWEETENERS, not even artificial sweeteners, just plain yogurt.
To heal her GERD, he suggested the pH diet or the alkaline diet. He also suggested she not eat anything after 6:30 PM.
He believes again that once her gut is healed, her other symptoms or dis-ease will be lessened.
What a gift to have a doctor MD, willing to offer dietary advice instead of medication.
I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

prostate cancer

I just  finished talking with this gentlemen. He is cancer free and his prostate is no longer enlarged and it is soft and spongy. His PSA is still within the normal range.  He will have no more follow-ups with the exception of his annual check-ups. As, for his weight loss, the doctor told him he is within the healthy BMI and the diet has put him at his "perfect" weight, so don't worry about.

One of the men i work with has prostate cancer. He has elected to have no medical intervention, such as surgery, chemo, or radiation; instead he has alkalized his diet using Dr. Tullio Simoncini's concept on treating cancer, plus a baking soda. Simoncini's link is
Here is a summary of the alkalizing diet and the baking soda/molasses pulses.
This article states that a healthy alkalizing diet does defeat cancer once the cancer is active, but may not prevent it.

His tumors have shrunk within two months, one no longer found by scans or rectal ultrasound. His PSA level has also reduced to the normal range. At his 4-month check-up, the doctors found no cancer at all. One needs to remember that the alkalizing diet is a healthy life style change, not just a quick fix.

The problem he has encountered is weight loss. When one eats an alkalized diet one eats A LOT of vegetables, nuts, and berries. I have suggested he use an internet tool such as to record his caloric intake and his activity output. One needs to eat 5 meals a day.

Another man who ha prostate cancer is going to John Hopkins for check-ups. He is not as diligent with the alkalized diet but has seen reduction of his tumors as well as his PSA level. The doctors at JH told him, yes this works until you stop eating an alkalizing diet and then the cancer returns.

Here is a new link for alkalizing the cells especially for those with cancer.

Here is a link to several medical journals on prostate cancer

Another new link is

Here is a link to ways to reduce the risk to prostate cancer

Monday, June 10, 2013


Many years ago Oprah suggested people write a thank you or gratitude journal and how it would change one's life. I tried to encourage our family to do this each evening and share one thing he/she was grateful for at diner each evening. No one wanted to do it. So i wrote something i was thankful for each morning.
Years later i was sent the scripture (verse of the day) from Psalm 119:164 from the Message,
"Seven times each day I stop and shout praises
    for the way you keep everything running right."
What i found is when i write down at least 7 praises, it changes my state of being. When searching my memory for 7 things to praise, it drowns out any condemnation or complaints.

Muscle Testing

Our youngest son is working through the process of "heal-thy" self. He is at present on a vegan diet with the exception of a couple of pastured eggs from our girls weekly. We have a food allergy test run on him last week to be told he can't eat fish or shellfish and we need to minimize dust in our home. Saturday he ate vegan shrimp from Sophie's Kitchen and we watch him break out in hive with itching inside his mouth and along the outside of his throat. He took a benadryl to sleep it off. The next morning we muscle tested him to find seaweed causes weakness in his body. We used the second technique at this link .
I have been adding kelp and dulse seasonings to our food for some time know for the "heal-thy" iodine source.

June's "heal-thy" potluck

The first Saturday of each month we host a "heal-thy" potluck. This month we made a watermelon cake. Here is the recipe link
In the comments of this recipe they recommend using Thai coconut milk. I would recommend it as well due to it not containing added water.
One of the guests made living lasagna from the Raw Guru, the link is Others prepared carrots, nuts and cinnamon dish, several different fresh fruit salads, and a green salad.

heal thy self

June 1, 2013
I find it interesting that the word HEALTHY is really heal-thy.
So what does one do to heal-thy self? There are so many diets and diet ideas out there which one works for you? Is the low carb, high carb, vegan, 90-10, alkalizing? The list is endless...
But what if healing one's self is multi-faceted
For me heal thyself is becoming the best me, having the more energy today than yesterday; feeling joy; have an attitude of gratefulness with a servant's heart; being in supportive relationships; learning something new; and believing in a higher being who is our Father in heaven, creator of all.