Friday, January 24, 2014

week 4, day 1, level 2, Dr Joel Fuhrman's recipes

BREAKFAST: oatmeal with fruit compote
100% fruit juice

black bean lettuce bundles
We used this on the raw onion bread and a bed of spring mix.
dijon vinaigrette asparagus
We used broccoli instead of asparagus because it was easily available. The sauce is amazing!!! It would make a great raw vegetable salad sauce.
pear or other fresh fruit
(if need extra calories add sprouted grain bread)

raw veggies with Grandma Tillie's Eggplant dip
(Dr Fuhrman adds a 1/4 cup of dried currants) We did not add any currants.
tomato bisque soup
The hubby tasted this soup and LOVED it!!! He had two bowls!!! This is our favorite soup!

DESSERT: (if need extra calories add banana walnut ice cream)

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