Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dr Joel Fuhrman's level 2 week 4 menu

Week 4 day breakfast lunch dinner dessert
Day 1 oatmeal with fruit compote black bean lettuce bundles raw veggies with Grandma Tillie's Eggplant dip banana walnut ice cream*

100% fruit juice dijon vinaigrette asparagus tomato bisque soup

pear or other fresh fruit

sprouted grain bread*

Day 2 vegetable omelet mixed green salad with assorted vegetables and vinegar swiss chard and sweet potato gratin

or deluxe tofu scramble tomato bisque soup broccoli fra diavio

cherries or other fresh fruit Dr fuhrman's banana oat cookies

add seeds to salad*

Day 3 mixed berries topped with Berry “Yogurt” quinoa bean salad on a bed of mixed greens pistachio crusted tempeh with balsamic and shitake mushrooms Jenna's Peach Freeze

orange goji bars* grapes or other fresh fruit lemon zest spinache

Day 4 antioxidant rich smoothie romaine and spinach salad with Cashew Casear dressing spinach stuffed mushrooms

dried apricot or figs* roasted vegetable pizza quick and creamy vegetable bean soup

melon or other fresh fruit sweet potato*

Day 5 special oatmeal endive spears with black bean hummus thanksgiving non-meat loaf Dr Fuhrman Banana Nut Cookies

quick and creamy vegetable bean soup cauliflower spinach mashed potatoes”

pineapple or other fresh fruit steamed green beans

Day 6 Phyto Blast Breakfast Bowl mixed greens, spinach, assorted vegetables, fresh beet hummus with raw vegetables select dessert*

banana cashew wrap* black bean salad with Zesty avocado dressing mediterranean fish stew

mango and other fresh fruit or

Spaghetti Squash Primavera

Herbed Barley Lentils with steamed broccoli

Day 7 Quick Banana Berry Breakfast to go bean enchiladas with fresh tomato salsa steamed artichoke dipped in cashew caesar dressing healthy chocolate cake

100% fruit juice papaya or other fresh fruit vegetable tagine

avocado* brown rice

* for added calories

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