Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dr Joel Fuhrman's level 2 week 3 menu

Week 3 breakfast lunch dinner dessert
Day 1 banana cashew lettuce wrap Greek chickpea salad mixed green salad with blueberry pomegranate dressing Red Velvet Sorbet

melon/fresh fruit Dr Fuhrman's Famous Anti-cancer soup

dried raisins, blueberries walnuts to salad*

Day 2 pomegranate muesli red pepper and carrot slices with spicy bean dip artichoke lentil loaf

Dr Fuhrman's Anti-cancer soup blended mushroom stroganoff

apple or fresh fruit steamed asparagus

nut butter*

Day 3 antioxidant rich smoothie spinach and garbanzo bean salad with Lemon Fig dressing apple cinnamon butternut squash coup

grapes or other fresh fruit quick vegetable bean medley

dried fruit added to salad* brown rice*

Day 4 special oatmeal salad with mixed greens, assorted vegetables, beans raw veggies strawberry pineapple sorbet

100% fruit juice* and Dijon Pistachio dressing fresh tomato salsa

watermelon or other fresh fruit bean enchiladas

simple gucamole*

Day 5 chocolate cherry smoothie portobella wraps with watercress salsa romaine salad with red pepper with banana walnut dressing wild apple crunch*

berries or other fresh fruit creamy zucchini soup

Day 6 garden eggs and tofu salsa triple treat cabbage salad no pasta vegetable lasagna poached pears with raspberry sauce

or creamy zucchini soup top lasagna with pinenuts*

deluxe tofu scramble apple with nutbutter*

Day 7 quinoa breakfast super slaw romaine salad with tomato with choice of Eat for Your Health dressings

orange or other fresh fruit Asian Vegetable stir fry with small piees of chicken or shrimp chocolate dip with strawberries*

pita stuffed with seasoned greens fresh strawberries

* for added calories

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