Monday, January 20, 2014

week 2 results

We are seeking to optimize our bodies and health, for me that means losing ~ five pounds and clearing my skin. For our son, he needs to gain weight, reducing even more the apnea and cyanosis episodes, and any skill improvements would be icing. From past experience we know that grains/starches and animal products daily or even more than a couple of times a week are not good for him, nor are a lot of kidney shaped beans. Soy is also not his friend.

For exercise we use this 7-minute workout (total of 9 minutes) from

Here are our week 2 results after following Fuhrman's meal plan:
  •  i lost an additional 0.5 inch at my waist and an additional 1 pounds. I feel wonderful, energetic, and my face looks really good, the "dairy" rash is  gone. Cravings are gone.
  • He gained an an additional 2 pound and his waist increased an an additional 0.5 inches. He is more interested in helping around the house. He has put away some of his laundry. He is putting his silverware in the dishwasher without prompting. He is wanting to assist with dishwashing. When he went to dance Saturday he was more interactive and expressed more anticipation of the sequence of events/routine. He has also grown taller this week.
I am encouraged for both of us. We would love to know how you are doing as well.

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