Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Raw Onion bread

We use raw onion bread for hummus, sandwiches, dipping breads, pizza crusts, and even raw burger buns. The raw onion bread is 3 large sweet onions finely sliced (2 1/2 to 3 pounds), 1 cup ground flax seed, 1 cup ground sunflower seeds, 1/3 cup olive oil, and 3.5 tablespoons coconut liquid aminos. We use a coffee grinder to grind the seeds and the food processor to thinly slice the onions. Once this is mixed, we put half back in the food processor with an "S" blade to puree. It is mixed with the thinly sliced mixture. It is spread on a non-stick dehydrator sheet. This makes about 2.5 dehydrator sheets. We dehydrate it at 105, for several hours. When the top side is non-tacky, it is flipped onto a dehydrator screen and finish drying, another couple of hours.
To make crackers, we score it when it is flipped. When it is still flexible we break the crackers at the scored sights and dehydrate until crisp.
We usually triple the recipe using three sheets for crackers.

As a side note, this will make your home smell like onions.


  1. This stuff is outrageous, even my non healthy eater of a husband likes it.

  2. Al said "wait until he tastes them as crackers!!!"

  3. i cut each sheet into quarters. i wrap the 4 pieces in parchment paper and then stack the wrapped sheets in a ziplock and freeze. this way we remove 4 easily at a time.
    crackers, i store in a sealed bag and refrigerate. if there are multiple bags i freeze them.

  4. Ok, my house is now smelling like onions. I used tamari and only made 1 batch to try. Tried it before dehydrating, Tastes good.

  5. so how is it? did you dehydrate longer for crackers or just the bread?

  6. I just did the bread to start as I don't have too much on the ingredients. Came out great. Tastes just like yours, Thank you