Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dr Joel Fuhrman's level 2 week 2 menu

breakfast lunch dinner dessert
Day 1 chocolate smoothie citrus salad Raw vegetables with simple Guacamole

add cashews and banana* Orange Peanut Dressing Easy three bean chili

add sweet potato*


Day 2 Cinnamon Fruit Oatmeal easy bean vegetable chili mixed greens/cabbage and Almond Balsamic Vinaigrette apple surprise*
100% fruit juice kiwi
Frozen banana Fluff*

edamame eggplant roll ups

Spinach & brussel sprouts delight

Day 3 tropical fruit salad w/ground hemp/chia herbed white bean hummus black forest cream mushroom soup very berry sorbet

salad w/ dressing salad w/ Tofu ranch dressing

avocado* sweet potato fries*

fresh fruit

Day 4 blended mango salad black forest cream mushroom soup walnut pear salad

banana cashew lettuce wrap* salad w/ dressing garden stuffed vegetables

berries california creamed kale

apricots/figs* turkey meatloaf

Day 5 quick banana breakfast to go italian stuffer salad w/ Russian Fig dressing chocolate cherry sorbet*

fruit/cherries spaghetti squash

garlicky zucchini

No-meat balls w. pasta

Day 6 antioxidant rich bars roasted vegetable pizza salad w/ dressing bluevado pie*

nut milk* oranges thai vegetable curry or

Creole Chicken with Spinach

Day 7 Vegetable omelet OR black bean mango salad raw veggies with tasty hummus blueberry banana cobbler*

quinoa breakfast w/ pumpkin seeds* vegetable shepherd's pie

100% fruit juice

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