Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sugar the Bitter Truth by Dr Lustig

While taking the nutrition class, i was introduced to Dr. Lustig. I was so impressed with his 20 minute lecture, so i chose to search for more information on his research. I found the lecture link below. It is 90 minutes long but well worth the time. One of the many things, i found interesting was the need for fiber, both soluble and insoluble. The recommended amounts were between 100 and 300g/day. I thought as eating mostly raw, i would easily get that amount. I was close to 80g. Legumes and lentils are high in fiber and 1-2 servings a day bumped us over the 100g per day. What a difference this increase in fiber has been for our digestion, stools, energy level, and satiety!
The link is below.

I have also added a fiber chart for those interested.


Alkalized is when one's body works best. How does one know his/her body's pH? For me and our son, we check our first morning urine and saliva desiring a pH of  6.5-7.25  and 6.75-7.5 respectfully.
How does one get to this pH?
The less grains, sugar, and animals products and the more vegetables we consume the higher our pH becomes. There are so many acidic/alkalizing food charts. Use google to find one that is user friendly for you.
To alkalize is very individual. I can eat limited amounts of animal products (meat, cheese, eggs) a couple of times a week and stay within range. For me grains and sugar really lower my body's pH.
Whereas my son can have a couple of eggs a week, but not any other animal products. He also can only eat flax and quinoa.
Cucumbers are the best food to raise our pH. Cucumbers are low in sodium so a better choice than baking soda.

This is an article on how one's body being acidic may harm it and how alkalizing may help it. It has with many sources cited at the bottom.

Here is another link

Here is another good link for information concerning alkalizing:

And another:

This is from NIH on the benefits of an alkalized diet

Another from the Chopra