Saturday, October 5, 2013

October potluck

What a delight today was, the company as well as the food today was amazing!!!

Two people made the delicious butternut squash soup. One used her vitamix and the other the food processor. One added garlic and the other added extra sage. Mixed together made a beautiful swirl of mustard cream and textured mustard brown.

Another made watermelon juice using a small watermelon, half a lime, and a handful of mint leaves juiced. Refreshing and delicious!!!!

There were also zucchini sticks and rice crackers.

For desserts there was a blueberry cheezecake and pumpkin cookies
The blueberry topping was not used. Extra crumb crust and blueberries were used to top the cheezecake.
The blueberry cheezecake recipe is from

Thank everyone for the recipes and the delicious food!!!

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