Tuesday, September 24, 2013

where is our "canary" now?

One of the many things i have learned through our son and his challenges is that once the LORD tells me something concerning his health through a dream or a conversation, the science and/or medical community sends information to confirm it.
Prior to our son being diagnosed with Celiac http://www.celiaccentral.org/ , we were told to try the autistic diet (gluten and dairy free). A few week later i read an article on the blood type diet. Our entire family is blood type "O" and we went on the blood type diet, reducing our grains (only rice), stopping our dairy, and increasing our vegetables. He was 3 and his head banging ceased.  Shortly afterwards he was diagnosed with Celiac. Sixteen years ago, very few had heard of Celiac and those who had, didn't believe it was real. We were so thankful we found a doctor who did.
A few years later he was diagnosed with arsenic poisoning. We had switched him to rice milk, the only non-soy, non-dairy milk at the time. Now we know that rice is high in arsenic,  http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/09/06/us-arsenic-rice-idUSBRE9850T820130906 . Whether the amount is too low to cause harm, it was the only grain consumed, and he had a greater than normal intake. He was chelated to rid his body of arsenic at age 5. Again progress. Still not knowing about the rice/arsenic connection, we found out he had candida issues (GAPS and Carb specific diet), we had to  find alternative milks from rice and soy. Now everyone knows about the issues from yeast, from leaky gut to cancer (Dr Simoncini  http://www.curenaturalicancro.com/video-simoncini.html# ). We continued with the alternative milks, animal products, and fats (oils) for calories. He wouldn't gain weight or grow.
When we were told our son had a short time to live in 2008 due to the frequency of his apnea and cynanosis episodes, i had a dream about his protein intake. Little did i know we were placing him on a "nutrient dense" diet. We found that lowering his protein (~1 gram per kilogram of weight) and increasing his vegetable intake reduced these episodes from every 2 minutes to once an hour.
Our family practitioner saw our son and asked if he had a mitochondria disorder and a month later a "stranger" sent me Dr Terry Wahls's video, http://www.healthy-holistic-living.com/terry-wahls.html
Increasing his vegetables and eating whole pseudo grains decreased his apena and cyanosis to a few times a day. He grew, gained weight, and made more progress within these 3 years than he had in the last 15 years.
Within the last year we read Dr. Joel Fuhrman's books Eat to Live and Eat for Health  http://www.drfuhrman.com/ . We learned that our son was on a nutrient dense diet and did well with this eating lifestyle. However, he was still eating oils and alternative milks for calories.
In May we learned that although he has been off seafood for many years, he still had a seafood allergy, all things from the sea, possibly including seaweed,  kelp or dulse had been used daily. We stopped adding seaweed to his diet and researched the ingredients in all his processed products including his alternative milks, finding carageenan is red seaweed. When we got rid of that he has started growing again, gaining more weight, even less apnea and cyanosis episodes, and his fine motor abilities have made significant progress. A few weeks later we find that carageenan is a possible carcinogen,  http://www.naturalnews.com/042181_almond_milk_potential_carcinogen_food_labels.html
This summer i took a nutrition class and had to use https://www.supertracker.usda.gov/default.aspx . Using this i was able to see how many empty calories are in oils and animal products. I understood Dr. Fuhrman's concepts and began implementing limiting our oil consumption. Our son continues to thrive.
Along the way, we have gleaned so much information from dietary changes from so many sources. These are some of what we still have incorporated into our life style: Feingold (no petroleum based products - preservatives, HFCS, or dyes  http://www.feingold.org/ ),  GAPS (still eating fermented foods daily http://www.gapsdiet.com/ ), "O" blood type/Paleo (limited pseudo grains - buckwheat, quinoa... no sugar), raw (strive for 85% raw in the summer and a minimum of 50% in the winter), sprouting, alkalizing (mostly green vegetables  http://www.acidalkalinediet.com/Alkaline-Foods-Chart.htm ).
It has been amazing how all this fits together.  If i was given it all at once, would it have been overwhelming? I don't know, but I do wonder what our next lessons will be from our "canary".

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