Thursday, October 24, 2013

diabetes links

There is so much out there to cure diabetes with dietary changes. I found this one from Mother Earth Living , the most interesting due to the studies it references and the explanations it gives such as "A plant-based diet helps prevent diabetes in three ways: First, compared with the typical American diet, it’s much lower in fat, so it helps control weight. Second, it’s high in fiber, which helps control blood sugar. And third, plant foods are rich in antioxidant nutrients, which improve the body’s ability to use insulin."

There is a free course on diabetes being offered at starting October 28, 2013.

Here are several other links

This Nut May Prevent Diabetes & Heart Disease

earth clinic

a documentary by Dr. Cousens

This article is interesting on many levels, the main one again a reminder that fat effects insulin as does fructose.

We really  like and respect Dr Fuhrman's position on diet and health. Here is his link for those with diabetes

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