Monday, October 14, 2013

thoughts on purchasing local and self sustainability

I love the idea of purchasing as much local food as one can and we do purchase quite a bit of local produce and meat. I also love sustainable living, simplifying our lives, we have a vegetable and herb garden, a few fruit trees, and chickens for their eggs. Our neighbors have bees, a vegetable and herb garden, and fruit trees. I love the barter system, but how does this effect the economy?

My husband and I were talking about it the other day. If the majority of people do as we have been doing, what happens to the workers in the food factories? What about the ranchers who are raising poultry and other feedlot animal? What about the farmers raising the corn and soybeans to feed these animals?
Let's take this even a step further. If certain foods may cause harm, such as GMO's, wheat, confined  animals, sugar, refined and processed foods, when people change to a healthier diet what happens to the economy? The pharmaceutical companies? The pharmacies on every corner? The middle aisles in the grocery stores that are also on every corner? The doctors and hospitals? Even if 20% of the people transition to this lifestyle, what effect will this have on the economy? Will this then go down the line to the stores, construction, banks?

Any thoughts?

Here is an article on farming transitions, but it doesn't mention the economic implications of sustainable gardening and purchasing local goods.

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