Thursday, October 24, 2013

toxic food additives

This article came out this week in Mother Earth Living, . It is about toxic food additives.
The top five are
artificial sweeteners,
chemical preservatives,
unnatural flavor enhancers,
artificial colors,
and chemical stabilizers.
So many things are coming out now but have been known by many for quite some time.

Seventeen years ago our pediatrician asked us to look into the Feingold diet, . In the Feingold community, even 17 years ago this was old news.
While looking at its website, i was appalled that so many of our chemical food additives are produced from petroleum waste products or byproducts. We have tried our best for the last 17 years to avoid adding any extra petroleum to our bodies.
These chemical food additives include
sweeteners (artificial and high fructose corn syrup),
artificial preservatives,
artificial enhancers,
artificial colors,
and artificial stabilizers .
Does the list look familiar?

We are thankful that this is finally becoming common knowledge.

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