Thursday, October 17, 2013

A not so raw day's menu and recipes

We raise our own pastured chickens for the purpose of eggs. Our son eats an egg a couple of times a week. We used 2 cups of lightly sauteed  broccoli, spinach, onions, and mushrooms, eggplant bacon (using Ani' Essential Raw Food recipe) and Daiya cheese in the egg. He also had a slice of UDI's breaded toasted with Daiya cream cheese, and all fruit jam. He also had an organic sliced apple.

For lunch we had our usual soup and salad for lunch. Today we made a curried carrot salad to place our lettuce as our dressing: The link for the curry carrot salad is . We used green beans instead of snow peas. The curry spice complimented the sweetness of the pineapple and the raisins.

broccoli soup has a dollop of Daiya cream cheese. The recipe is from

We had Jambalaya for dinner. 
The vegan version is from
We used split red lentils and doubled the amount of vegetables used. We did not use any oil and replaced the rice with quinoa.

My husband eats meat and loves spicier food. With his version we also doubled the vegetable portions, and did not use any oil. For the extra spice a chopped cayenne, the seeds were also added. Here is the recipe

For snacks we have made Paleo ice cream sandwiches stored in the freezer. To make the "ice cream", we combined 4 cans of whole fat coconut milk, 1 cup of chopped dates and 1 quart of strawberries. The ingredients are processed in a food processor and then made into ice cream using an ice cream maker.
The cake is from We baked it in jelly rolls pans.
We froze the layers of cake and ice cream. My sister assembled them, then sliced them into sandwiches.
He also had raw bars.

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