Sunday, November 3, 2013

Raw Sauerkraut

The farmers market had cabbage heads for a $1 yesterday, so we are making raw sauerkraut, plus we need it. There are so many recipes for raw sauerkraut online, using many additional ingredients. We use mason jars with the BPA-free plastic lids.for fermentation.
We thinly sliced the cabbage using our food processor.
We used 2 TBS of kosher salt per head and massaged it to break down the cabbage cell walls. After the cabbage has excreted liquid covering the cabbage, it is pounded into a wide mouth mason jar. It is covered with an outer cabbage leaf. If liquid is needed add salt water (1 TBS salt and 1 cup of water) until the shredded cabbage is covered. It is left on the counter, in a container to catch overflow liquid, for a 3 days. Then it continues the fermentation process continues in the refrigerator. After 2 weeks, it is ready to eat.

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