Saturday, November 9, 2013

Christmas Cookie #1: Rawgalong

Here is our first Christmas cookie recipe and my favorite: Rawgalongs
We make our almond butter (2 cups of almonds, 2 TBS honey, and a dash of salt, ) and raw tahini  (2 cups of sesame seeds in the blendtec, a couple of rounds at 1 and then a round at 3). We used deglet noor dates. They are smaller than Medjool dates so we added twice the amount. One can use maple syrup or honey instead of agave. Honey is a 1:1 ratio.When using maple syrup add a little less, it is sweeter and a thinner liquid.
This recipe make about 1.5 dozen cookies. These were so worth the time. When we made them again, we tripled the recipe, made the cookie portion and froze them to assemble as "needed".

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