Sunday, January 4, 2015

Raw verses Cooked Vegan diet

So is a raw vegan diet better than cooked?

Few sides have medical research to back up the claim of being "right"; however there is research making claims with certain foods.

We went to for answers. Dr Gregor uses research studies that are usually not funded by the people benefiting financially from the study's results.
He recommends the book Becoming Raw: The Essential Guide to Raw Vegan Diets by Davis feeling it has the most update information on a raw diet. This is from his video which only discusses one factor of broccoli.

Another videos discuss that there are no evidence that a raw diet is more healthy that a cooked vegan diet and for many foods cooked is beneficial. He recommends a combination of a raw and cooked vegan diet

Here are videos concerning sprouts which he highly recommends.

Blog on sprouting

Also Dr Fuhrman recommends at least a 50% raw diet obtaining his information from the China Study.

This link is from Dr. Oz

Our goal is to eat at least 75% raw. When we go below 75% raw our urine and saliva pH drop below 6.5. For medical journals concerning medical benefits from an alkalizing diet search our blog for the medical journals posted in September 2013.

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