Saturday, January 24, 2015

Does the color of food give one clues to life forces?

We were listening to David Wolfe discuss the food clues of color. We were fascinated. And then it appears in other places. The links are below.

These are my notes from David's podcast.

White = lungs
Yellow =  purification, tissue building and tissue repair, happy

Orange = increase energy, anti-inflammatory, happiness in action
Red = heart, blood, circulation, stimulating mind and body, energy of fire
Green = detoxify, neutralizer, liver cleanser
Black  = longevity, life and rebirth, bone marrow, kidney, adrenal
Brown = intestines, parasite
Purple   = healing of skin ailments, protector of nervous system of central and gut
Blue = imagination creativity, stem cell, bone marrow, thyroid, speaking

David just released a video describing the rainbow salad

Cosmic giggle in St John's Wort

This is an article about what your clothing color says about you.

This is from Deanna Minich's color link

Here’s a quick snapshot of the associations with color:

RED represents the adrenal glands and instinct; 
ORANGE represents the reproductive glands and creativity; 
YELLOW represents the digestive system and transformation; 
GREEN represents the heart and love; 
BLUE-GREEN represents the thyroid gland and truth; 
INDIGO represents the pituitary gland and wisdom; 
LAVENDER represents the pineal gland and connection.

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