Friday, June 3, 2016


Our garden is transitioning from spring produce to summer, leafy greens and snow peas to sweet, mild, and hot peppers. Although each is different, all nourish our bodies, allowing us to grow. Like the garden, our lives transition as well waking from our sleepy, dreamy nourishing winter, to have our senses awakened to some sweet, some mild and some hot life experiences which also nourish and grow our soul and spirit.

My hubby had his esophagus re-sectioned Tuesday. The tumor "slipped" out easily giving us a glimmer of hope that the turmeric, ginger, wheat grass and strawberries may be "working". We were also told that the Barrett's long dysplasia appears to be smaller. My hubby had no pain from this procedure, other than a slight sore throat from the endoscopy.

We received the biopsy results from Tuesday's re-sectioning: the bottom was "dirty" suggesting that the cancer is in the layer of the esophagus where the lymph and blood supply are located.
This just gave us a little more information. The April 25th biopsy result was minimally in the layer where the lymph and blood feeds into the tissue, as did the May 6th ultrasound, now we know it is there. Stage 3 would be in the lymph nodes, again we won't know until the lymph node biopsy because the PET was clean. The options are the same as before, lung and lymph biopsy, remove what needs to be removed and go from there. My hubby still wants to hold off on the esophagectomy. He knows there is a strong possibility it is in his future, but wants to wait until he has the biopsy reports back from the lung and lymph nodes. He doesn't want his esophagus removed to find out 3 days later it wasn't necessary because he needed chemo and radiation.

My hubby's plan is to go and stay at a cancer treatment center in Florida on the 12th, returning on the 25th and hopes to schedule the biopsies the week he returns. He feels the LORD telling him to take one step at a time, so he is. We stand together with this decision.

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