Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Food testing

Many people ask us what to do first when changing one's diet with a goal of health improvements. We recommend blood work, a complete battery using the IgE and IgG tests. Most people have leaky gut and become sensitive to environmental allergens as well as foods.
IgE is immunoglobulin E allergies. These are allergies that cause responses such as sinus congestion, hives, rashes, itchy skin, inflammation... If the allergy isn't too severe an anti-histamine can be used to recover.

IgG is immunoglobulin G sensitivities. It is a long-term resistance causing a subtle reaction. Most people do not know they have food sensitivities. Symptoms could be an upset stomach, headache, mood change, hyperactivity, fatigue, dark circles under one's eyes, ...
Food sensitivities often cause leaky gut, which allows large size food particles into the blood stream.

Another issue we have experienced is candida.  This gastro yeast infection can create leaky gut and food sensitivities.
We have had good experience with this lab testing. It includes a candida test. Your physician can order this test for you.

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