Tuesday, March 3, 2015

kiwi banana tarts

We have modified this recipe to fit our needs. http://www.thekitchenpaper.com/raw-kiwi-banana-tarts-sugar-free/

Our ingredients for 6 jumbo cupcakes (to make as a pie) 

1 cup pitted dates (1.5 cups)
2 cups dried mulberries (3 cups)

3 bananas (5 bananas)
1/2 cup Thai organic canned coconut milk (1 cup)

6 kiwi peeled and sliced in rounds (3 kiwi)

Process the mulberries until they form a powder
add the dates and process until gooey
press the crust into cupcake liners

Combine coconut milk and bananas in the food processor, processing until smooth
Pour filling into prepared liners, top with slice kiwi and serve immediately or freeze without the kiwi and top with the kiwi when ready to serve.
If freezing, take out 10 minute to serving.

Nutritional information:
No nuts
Calories: 333
Carbs: 75 g
Fat: 4 g
Protein: 7 g
Fiber: 5 g

Using 1 cup mulberries and 1 cup almonds
Calories: 365
Carbs: 64 g
Fat: 12 g
Protein: 8 g
Fiber: 5.6 g

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