Saturday, February 15, 2014

comparing what is right for you

We follow Sara Gottfried, MD on facebook and her blog . She follows a Paleo AND vegetarian lifestyle. She also seems to be on the cutting edge of things. I really enjoyed the summit she hosted a few weeks ago. Most of her speakers did follow a paleo lifestyle (or O blood type diet for those who have followed Dr. d'Adamo for so many years), but many felt that until one's auto-immune system calmed down, one should follow a paleo/vegan lifestyle. Once the body calmed down one could add some organic non-grain fed animal products.
One of the reasons we really like Joel Fuhrmanm, MD is he believes as Sara (and many of her speakers), go Paleo/vegan until one is healthy and then 1-2 servings of organic grass fed animal products a week and no more than one whole grain serving a day can be added back to one's life.
Another thing we like about Sara Gottfried, MD is she suggests fermented  foods and beverages. We add raw (non-pasteurized) sauerkraut and  (non-pasteurized) kombucha daily.
Remember everyone has his or her opinion. You have to listen to your body for what is right for you. We are able to keep tabs on how our bodies is doing by checking our urine and saliva pH on a weekly basis. We have written about it at

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