Friday, July 15, 2016

My Hubby's lung biopsy report and Tuesday's follow-up appointment

My hubby's lobectomy follow-up appointment was Tuesday July 12th.
Even though each time they look at his esophagus it is improving with no tumor regrowth, they are insisting he must have the esophagectomy. The doctor also told us it was his favorite surgery and he wants to do more than the 1 every other month he does now. I told him that with so many people regularly using antacids and PPI's that wish will come true. He agreed.

He asked Al if he had turned vegan between the PET and the surgery, he couldn't remember. Al told them he had for 2 months but is now back eating a standard diet to try to gain any kind of weight. With the esophagectomy, he can expect to lose 10-20 pounds.

The doctor told us that the team met that morning to discuss the biopsy report, even though there were 5 spots on the PET on his left upper lobe, the team agreed it was stage 1a primary lung adenocarcinoma. They thin-sectioned and froze the entire lobe because they were skeptical of what they had seen and palpated the day of surgery. They also biopsied 6 lymph nodes around the lung, ALL were normal. The second largest (0.8x1 cm) one was the most likely one to be cancer (80%) and the largest one (1x1.4 cm) a close second (60%). The biopsy results showed only ONE malignant spot and the rest of the lung was completely normal - soft, moist, pink and not even any scar tissue or a leison. The largest spot was the only one found, and it was smaller including clean margins than originally seen on the PET. God is so faithful!!!

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