Friday, July 8, 2016

it's stage 1, it's stage 1

Six months ago, the news stage 1 cancer would not be something most people would celebrate, but our lives have taken a much too common turn, as so many people we know, with my hubby's "out of the blue" cancer diagnosis.
April 1st he was admitted to the hospital for a GI bleed. April 2nd we were told it looked like esophageal cancer. The following week, the biopsy results were long high grade dysplasia Barrett's esophagus.  Three weeks later another biopsy and an esophageal cancer diagnosis. May 6th there was also a spot on the lung with the esophageal cancer being a little deeper than originally thought. On May 11th, the PET results of possibly lung cancer were told to us. The lung may be a metastasis from the esophagus.
After much research and talking with my GI,  my hubby contact Shaheen requesting a resectioning procedure of the esophagus. That was done May 31st. To Shaheen's surprise the tumor slipped out, but the biopsy indicated there was still cancer beneath the tumor. This was in agreement with the May 6th ultrasound biopsy.
June 11th my hubby went to Hippocrates in West Palm Beach for 2 weeks, a life style "boot camp". There he changed his diet to eating vegan, drinking green juice and wheatgrass, and came home turning out atrium into a microgreen farm.
There he was running 4 miles a day and felt like he was back in his 20's. He came home looking at least 10 years younger, even his silver hair is reversing to salt and pepper. He was in amazing shape.
June 30th, he had his lobectomy because the lung area was cancer; however, the esophagus had no tumor regrowth. July 7th we heard the lung is not a metastasis, just stage 1 cancer with no other treatments for the lung.
He is walking over 3 miles a day, but still on pain meds, ice packs, lanacane patches, heating pads, and still sleeping in the recliner. He is juicing daily and eating close to 90% raw, as the rest of the household.

Next we meet with the surgeon on the 12th to discuss when the esophagectomy might occur. My hubby wants to wait until he is as strong as he was going into the lobectomy, maybe August, maybe even later in the fall. I know the LORD is leading him.

We are so grateful for all the prayers, support, and love we have received since I thought he had a mild heart attack April 1st. And yes we are praising God and celebrating!!!!

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  1. Praise God for all His mercies to Al.... may they abound more and more in healing.