Saturday, March 12, 2016

Better than Nori wraps

With our son have a sea"everything" allergy, we have had to give up raw vegetable California rolls/sushi. We love this idea!!!

The link is Better than Nori from Raw Advantage

                          "Better Than Nori" Raw Vegan Sushi Sheets
These are the ingredients we will need:
Papaya, 3 cups chopped (aprox. 1 lb)
Zucchini, 3 cups chopped (aprox. 1 lb)
Tomato, 3 cups chopped (aprox. 1 lb)
Purslane, 3-5 big handfuls (aprox. .7 lb) *
Red Chard, 10 big leaves or 2 handfuls (aprox. .4 lb)
Spinach, 2 big handfuls (aprox. .25 lb)
Arugula, 2 handfuls (aprox. .15 lb)
Green Onion, 10 peices (aprox .15 lb)

*we will have to wait a couple of months for this to grow

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