Friday, October 23, 2015

Sheba made her final transition

Sheba was so special to and for me. 
Her first transition was she given to our son for his 10th birthday by our homeless friend who rescues dogs in the woods. As a puppy, Sheba alerted people of oncoming seizures. Melanie thought she would be a good fit for our son due to his past seizure history. When our dog Heidi began to have seizures, Sheba would bark prior to the seizure, giving us time to make sure Heidi was in a safe place.

Calling Melanie was tough last night,especially when she told me Sheba's brother, Dakota, isn't doing too well either.

Her next transition was we took Sheba to school to become our son's therapy dog because SHE decided to be his stair guide, walking each step at his pace. He would grab her harness or fur to walk up and down the stairs. As she grew, so did he. They were the perfect size for each other.
When we would walk, our son would hold the leash but Sheba would walk him. Thankfully she taught Solomon to do the same.
She would lay in his room while he slept while we were downstairs. She would alert someone if he was waking to assist him out of bed. She would watch him in the yard while i was gardening and come to get me if he fell or bark if there was a snake nearby. She even watched him on the deck for me before she made her final transition yesterday. 

She did little things that Al and I enjoyed, such as me asking her is Al had his tie on. She would nod or shake her head. She as always correct. If his tie was on, it was time for Al to feed the dogs, and she would prance.

Her third transition was, in our son's mind, he hadn't needed her for the last 5 years (but I still relied on her). His strength had increased, he grew too tall, he was becoming independent, and Solomon became his "pet". In God's perfect time, her fatty tumors had increased in numbers, and she was given a diagnosis of cancer. I love how things like this work. We retired her, or at least allowed her to slow down because she wouldn't take the job of retirement. 

The last couple of months our son would spot HER coming down the stairs, walking at her pace. I love when things come full circle. We were blessed to have her in our lives!

I believe Sheba knew that our son had others to "watch him" with us receiving CNA services this month. She knew she could go to her eternal home for her final transition where she could do her "job", free of pain and suffering, maybe she even walked someone "home" yesterday. She was just that type of dog.

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