Monday, April 7, 2014

Amino Acids and life expectancy

Our son has some metabolic disorder that animal products, even humanely care for animals, cause him to increase his cortisol levels, causing hyperventilation, leading to apnea and finally cyanoisis until his hypothalamus reminds him to breathe again.
The major amino acid difference content for plants and animals is the leucine content, legumes having the most in for plant based foods and eggs containing the least amount. Legumes are no where near the concentration of leucine even compared to eggs.

The previous blog post titled "How Much Protein Should One Consume" ( ) and today's video from titled "Caloric Restriction vs Animal Protein Restriction" made us ponder could some of our son's issues stem from issues with the TOR enzyme or IGF1 or both???
While we  ponder others may want to watch the video at the following link
It is interesting that both pieces of information today suggest a protein intake of ~10%

For those interested in keeping a check on one's protein intake here is a quick chart with standard guidelines.

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