Friday, October 24, 2014

Raw Pumpkin Pie from FullyRaw

We wanted to make a raw pumpkin pie. We found two raw pumpkin pie recipes one from fullyraw and the other from rawguru.  We are making them both and comparing them.
This one will be sweet due 3 POUNDS of dates and other than the crust it is fat free. We are using a white Cinderella pie pumpkin for both.

This pumpkin pie is soooo sweet and gooey with all these dates. This is wonderful!!!
Pumpkin Pie

1.5-2 cups pecans (we used walnuts due to a pecan allergy)
1 pound dates
pinch of cinnamon
Directions: place in a food processor and  pulse until crust like
press into pie pan

pie filling
2-3 cups sugar pie pumpkin
2 pounds dates
cinnamon (about an inch of 1 stick)
ginger (fresh pinkie size)
1 persimmon (we didn't have a persimmon, so we didn't add it)
1 vanilla bean scrape
Directions: put all the ingredients in the high speed blender until blended.
pour into the pie crust. Freeze for ~2 hours.

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