Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Dead Sea area

August 14-15th: We traveled east of Jerusalem to the Dead Sea through several check points. It is interesting to racially profiled and quickly sent through. It didn't hurt that Tom speaks Hebrew.
It is shocking to see the Bedouin camps with animals living in the middle of sand dunes.
We went to Qumran to see where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found.
The date trees are so plentiful.

We went to En Gedi to see an early temple ruin. 

The mosaic tile work was still so beautiful.

Then we went to the nature preserve to hike, short walk in over 100 degree temperatures to two waterfalls.
lower falls

mid falls
me cooling off
There was a third at the top, but I am too old and westernized to handle the best waterfall.
On the way up we could see hundreds of caves.
We then went to the Dead Sea to float. I had a tough time raising my arms and legs without flipping over to my belly.
We spent the night at the Oasis.

We were able to see the Dead Sea Salt mines from the road.

When we returned to Tel Aviv area, we had lunch with Tom's cousins, aunt and uncle. I was blessed to sit next to a cousin, Shiki, who shared his daughter's wedding album with me. As we talked ,our similarities reminded me how alike we are going through divorces, our children, we remarried, our occupations and the occupations of our children, wedding ring designs, cakes, wedding locations... I love when God does that!

I left the next day. This is the sun setting over the Mediterranean Sea on the way to the air port in Tel Aviv. Valerie and Tom thank you so much for the trip to Israel, being amazing tour guides and your hospitality. This was a once in a lifetime AMAZING trip!!!

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