Friday, August 14, 2015

Northern Israel

August 12-13th: We went to the Sea of Galilee in the late afternoon. The descent to sea level is amazing.

We went to the Jordan River at the baptismal site. There we way too many LARGE fish for me to do more then place my feet in the water.

We spent the night north at the Savyonei Hagalil. There was an apple orchard there.
The following day we went north to Mt. Hermon, the Golon Heights, and back down to Capernaum.
In Mt. Hermon we went to see the Bania Falls and Springs. The falls were beautiful.

At the springs was a Pan sacrifice temple.

Then we went to Golan Heights and Mt. Bental on the Syrian border.

We were able to talk with an UN official watching the Syrian Civil War.

At Mt Bental was "War Art".

A few days after leaving this area missiles were launched into this area. Syrian Missiles launched into the Golan Heights and Galilee

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