Thursday, August 6, 2015

My Israel Trip

What a blessing to receive a gifted trip to Israel! I leave for Israel today returning August 17th and will be meeting Valerie and Tom in Israel!!! We will add photos and keep a diary of our travels here.

August 7th: We made it to the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv after flying all night. The flight was amazing. I was seated next to a speech therapist at a school for children pre-k through 12th grade. She just took classes on how yoga benefits people with mental and physical disorders. We have exchanged information and plan to be in contact once we are back in the states.
The airport is so beautiful. Valerie was easy to find. She and I were able to catch up while Tom rented a car. On our way to Tom's grandmother's we stopped for dinner, typical Israeli food. I LOVE THE FOOD! There were about 20 vegetable bowls with the best hummus, rice and "chips" (French fries) I also ordered lamb kebobs, more like lamb patties. AMAZING and Tom said it was just ok.  We are staying in a studio apartment above Tom's grandmother. Off to bed, 20 hours of airports is about all I can handle for one day.

August 8th: I woke this morning to this view.

There is an orange tree off the front terrace.
Orange tree

View from the terrace off the bedroom

We had lunch at the beach on the Mediterranean Sea.

The beach is beautiful and the water so warm. Israel is experiencing one of the warmest summer's, so we stayed in the car for sightseeing. We did get out of the air conditioning to see the aquaduct in Caesarea. We also drove to see the Roman excavation area near the colosseum. We went back in the evening when it was cooler.
Inside the crusaders'fort

Floral design

We spent some time with Tom's Safta. She is experiencing the effects of Alzheimer.

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