Friday, September 13, 2013

Alkalizing medical journals for those with kidney disease

Alkalize for Life's site listed many of the medical journals supporting the idea of an alkalized diet

 there are so many journals there will be separate posts by dis-ease. This is for those with kidney disease

Does correction of metabolic acidosis slow chronic kidney disease progression?
"Chronic acidosis is common among those with kidney disease and studies show that alkaline supplementation and diet can slow the progression of the disease"

Dietary acid load and metabolic acidosis in renal transplant recipients
"Acidosis is Prevalent in those with kidney problems, and an alkaline diet can help improve this by reducing the acidosis"

Influence of diet on acid-base balance
An acidic diet can be a contributor to renal (kidney) problems, and dietetic intervention with alkaline foods and substances can be advantageous.

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