Wednesday, June 12, 2013

prostate cancer

I just  finished talking with this gentlemen. He is cancer free and his prostate is no longer enlarged and it is soft and spongy. His PSA is still within the normal range.  He will have no more follow-ups with the exception of his annual check-ups. As, for his weight loss, the doctor told him he is within the healthy BMI and the diet has put him at his "perfect" weight, so don't worry about.

One of the men i work with has prostate cancer. He has elected to have no medical intervention, such as surgery, chemo, or radiation; instead he has alkalized his diet using Dr. Tullio Simoncini's concept on treating cancer, plus a baking soda. Simoncini's link is
Here is a summary of the alkalizing diet and the baking soda/molasses pulses.
This article states that a healthy alkalizing diet does defeat cancer once the cancer is active, but may not prevent it.

His tumors have shrunk within two months, one no longer found by scans or rectal ultrasound. His PSA level has also reduced to the normal range. At his 4-month check-up, the doctors found no cancer at all. One needs to remember that the alkalizing diet is a healthy life style change, not just a quick fix.

The problem he has encountered is weight loss. When one eats an alkalized diet one eats A LOT of vegetables, nuts, and berries. I have suggested he use an internet tool such as to record his caloric intake and his activity output. One needs to eat 5 meals a day.

Another man who ha prostate cancer is going to John Hopkins for check-ups. He is not as diligent with the alkalized diet but has seen reduction of his tumors as well as his PSA level. The doctors at JH told him, yes this works until you stop eating an alkalizing diet and then the cancer returns.

Here is a new link for alkalizing the cells especially for those with cancer.

Here is a link to several medical journals on prostate cancer

Another new link is

Here is a link to ways to reduce the risk to prostate cancer

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  1. just heard from one of the men who HAD prostate cancer. His latest check-up - still no cancer and his PSA levels are still normal!!!